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Get trusted erectile dysfunction treatment today.


Get Help With ED

If you're suffering from erectile dysfunction or just worried about it, we've got a range of services to help. All backed by a team of leading men’s health specialists who have treated 1,000s of patients.

How Does It Work?


ED Medication

We offer a range of medication exclusively from reputable and fully UK regulated manufacturers. All orders are reviewed by our doctors and medication will only be prescribed if deemed suitable and appropriate for the patient. 


Private Phone Consultations

Book a private phone consultation with a doctor from our leading men's health team. Our Harley Street doctors will discuss your concerns and advise practical next steps for treatment. 


Convenient Re-ordering

Sign-up for an Adam Health account when you order to make it easy to review orders and re-order medication in the future (subject to review from our doctors). 


UK Regulated Service

All our doctors are registered under the British General Medical Council (GMC). And our services are provided from our London, Harley Street Clinic. Fully regulated by the Quality Care Commission. 

We've successfuly treated 1,000s of patients with a range of men's health issues, and now you can take advantage of these private services from the convenience of home and at a significant cost savings. 

About Adam Health

Adam Health was created by a team of men's health experts and technology experts who are passionate about helping men. Our mission is to create a trustworthy, friendly and effective service that's easy to use and discreet.  

"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

- Mahatma Gandhi