ED Consultation


30 minute phone consultation with one of our specialist, men’s health doctors. After booking you will be sent a link to book the date and time of your consultation.

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What Can I expect From My Consultation?

You'll have 30 minutes to speak with an experienced men's health expert (rather than a generalist GP), all from the comfort of home or a private space at work.

Our doctors will discuss your concerns and advise on the most appropriate next steps, including arranging for any prescriptions or follow-up treatments. 

You'll also receive a detailed medical report with your diagnosis, treatment plan and next steps for your reference.

Can't I just see my local GP?

Of course you can, but the average GP consultations lasts 8 min. We don't feel this is enough time to properly evaluate a complex issue like ED.

We take a comprehensive approach with our patients focusing on thorough diagnosis, examining potential underlying causes and providing you with a personally-tailored treatment plan.

About Our Doctors

Our doctors are highly experienced in treating ED. They are either GPs with a specialist interest in sexual medicine or Andrologists (specialists in men's health and sexual medicine) which have treated thousands of patients suffering from ED. All of them are fully UK (GMC) registered.

can I cancel/reschedule?

Yes you can - up to 24h before your scheduled consultation time and you will receive a full refund. Just use the booking date/time confirmation email to cancel or change your booking. For more information on cancellations and refunds please read our Terms & Conditions.

What if I need to see a doctor in person?

In our experience we can diagnose and prescribe treatment remotely in the vast majority of ED cases. Of course, if our doctors believe that you need to be consulted in person then appropriate arrangements will be made for this. For any urgent issues we strongly advise you to immediately see your local GP or health service.