Our Mission

We all know men can be reluctant to seek help for their health. In fact research shows that men can be up to 30% less likely to visit a doctor as compared to women. Other studies show that serious conditions can go unreported for up to two years. This is detrimental to the physical and mental well-being of men — negatively impacting them, their families, partners and society at large.

Our mission at Adam Health is to close the men’s ‘health gap’ by creating a friendly, trustworthy and convenient service that men can use to get the help they need. We offer health assessment, appointment booking, home test kits and more. All backed up by a network of doctors that specialise in men’s health.

Health Issues We Cover

Adam Health was created to focus exclusively on men’s health. Initially our focus is on erectile dysfunction, however we will be expanding our services to cover sexual health, fertility, testicular and prostate health, hormonal issues and a range of other issues.

About our Doctors

Adam Health is a service created and provided by The Andrology Company ltd. When you book an appointment through Adam Health you’ll be booking a consultations with our team of leading men’s health specialists. These are highly trained and experienced doctors who are world leaders in their field, having successfully treated 1000s of patients at our London-based men’s health clinic –  International Andrology London.

Is My Information Secure?

We take your privacy extremely seriously and will deal with your booking information in the highest confidence. For more information on privacy please review our privacy policy.

Bookings & Payments

Because of the high demand on our team of doctors, we have to take payments in full when you book an appointment. Our team of patient coordinators will then follow up with you to arrange and confirm your appointment. We use industry leading payment handling technology of the highest standard. As an additional precuation we do not store your payment details.


You can cancel your appointment up to 24hrs beforehand. For more information on cancellations and refunds please consult our terms and conditions.